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To support ,schools in their day to day requirements, to align the need and the deliverables as per the state standards and district initiatives, to ensure the content, functionality, adaptability and standard of the school further be raised to optimum level!
Sanjayrao Tayade Patil


Sanjayrao Tayade Patil

Warm greetings to all the esteemed members of MESTA!

As Honorary PATRON of the Maharashtra English School Trustee Association (MESTA), I consider it as an honor to welcome you all to this member’s portal. It is indeed my earnest desire to bring the MESTA members closer through this medium, and I truly believe this website will reconnect all of us.

You, as one of the esteemed members of MESTA, are the foremost brand ambassadors and can play a vital role in the development of our MESTA- a Non-Profit Organization, with our ideas and suggestions. We wish to nurture a rich culture among the MESTA Schools which leads to building a strong organization and connected network. We provide education to make good individual out of each student who are the future of our country, contributing to become a stronger and prosperous nation.

The objective of the MESTA web portal is to connect and establish a wide network among all the members. MESTA could contribute in multiple ways. Firstly, we can contribute to our members and their schools through our expertise and experience. Secondly, we can connect with each other and think of how we can give back to our community.

Through MESTA, we formed local divisions in various districts of Maharashtra and today our trained teachers and students are living across the world in 127 countries, developing and creating a global presence. Besides these, industry-institute interactions like internships, seminars, lectures and other initiatives helped the teacher's and student's community gain exposure and build successful careers.

I am sure our students would bring laurels to the MESTA schools and become brand builders for us. I would be looking forward to your suggestions to make our initiative vibrant, informative and highly interactive.

We are together embarking on a journey that would benefit the MESTA members, the schools, and society at large. We would love to listen and interact with you and know your success stories.      

You can reach me at patron@mesta.net.in

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